Fair certification

In addition to our core range being covered by organic and BRC certification, a wide range of our products are also covered by one of the following Fair certification schemes.

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Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers, growers and workers in the developing world. Widely recognised and trusted, the Fairtrade mark helps reassure consumers that production systems promote transparency, democracy and the empowerment of workers.
Organic Herb Trading has been a supporter of Fairtrade from the outset and first sourced and supplied organic Fairtrade cocoa powder in 1998. Today we have a much more comprehensive range. To view this please visit our price list - a 'Fair certified' filter is available at the top of the page. More general information about Fairtrade can be found at www.fairtrade.org.uk.

Fair for Life

All too often primary producers have very little bargaining power – especially when they are facing pricing pressure from higher up the supply chain. Fair for Life commits brand holders to adopt fair sourcing practices and behave in a socially responsible way towards their primary producers.

Fair for Life goes beyond traditional fair trade by requiring ethical working throughout the entire supply chain. Certification can be achieved for almost any product sourced from any country and both Fairtrade and FairWild ingredients can also be marketed as Fair for Life under their equivalence scheme. Organic Herb Trading achieved Fair for Life certification in 2016. More general information about Fair for Life can be found at www.fairforlife.org.


Wild grown plants have been used for millennia in medicines, foods, textiles and cosmetics. Over 60,000 are used in medicines alone and the vast majority of these are collected from the wild. As the trade in these has increased – largely driven by consumer demand – more and more of these plants have come under threat because they are harvested at an unsustainable level or because of habitat loss. Today 20% of the planet’s wild plant species are estimated to be at risk of extinction.  

In addition to these plants’ importance from an ingredient perspective, they are also a crucial part of our tradition and history and in many countries they represent an important source of income for communities who often do not own their own land. These are typically the poorest and most marginalised in society. 

Organic Herb Trading has been at the forefront of protecting wild plant species and their collectors for more than 20 years. Our Founding Director Mike Brook was a founding member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade, and Organic Herb Trading is also a founder member of FairWild. In September 2014 we reinforced this commitment by becoming the UK’s first processor and distributor of FairWild certified herbs and spices.

The FairWild scheme – which was established by leading conservation and development organisations - not only ensures plants are collected at a sustainable level, it also ensures the workers are paid fairly and treated with respect.
We believe that FairWild ingredients will play an increasingly important role within ethical supply chains in the future. And with prominent brands like Neal’s Yard, Pukka Herbs, Traditional Medicinals and London & Scottish already selling products that carry the FairWild logo, consumer awareness will grow and demand will inevitably increase.
For our full range of FairWild products please visit our price list - a 'Fair certified' filter is available at the top of the page. More general information about FairWild can be found at www.fairwild.org.

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